Séfr Séfr


Séfr Séfr is a vintage store that offers well-selected designer clothes with focus on quality and sustainable fashion. For us the big picture is important; everything from the store’s offerings and service to the environment the clothes are exposed in. Shopping at Séfr Séfr should be an experience where our customers are inspired by our fully stocked catalogue and stylish atmosphere. 

The literal meaning of Séfr Séfr is zero zero and it is a tribute to a deep friendship that is shared between two people who met at the beginning of the millennium. The idea for Séfr Séfr took off in the spring of 2012 when the two founders had a dream. The dream was to run somewhere that was full and inspiring to work with and that can be shared and enjoyed with others. In August 2012 that dream became a reality!

All sales are on commission where the range of garments has been submitted by private individuals. Read more under Sell through us for further information.